Diabetes Alternative Treatments and Home Remedies

The food we eat is converted to energy by our bodies and then that energy is used by the body and brain to perform day to day tasks. The food is converted to glucose which enters into our blood stream. In order to properly use this glucose each cell should be able to absorb it. To help absorb this glucose by cells for energy, our pancreas produces insulin (hormone). This insulin helps the cells to absorb the glucose. The excess amount of this glucose or sugar is stored in the body as fat for later use.

In diabetes, the pancreas produces insulin, but body is unable to use it, so pancreas has to produce more insulin. And a time comes when pancreas cannot produce anymore insulin. There are many factors which can cause diabetes including sedentary life style, aging, obesity and overweight, high saturated fat intake.

Healthy life style changes including exercise, nutrition, weight loss, and avoiding saturated fats can help control and manage diabetes. Some nutritional supplements are specifically developed to manage diabetes. Eat nutritious foods containing whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and low fat dairy etc. Avoid bakery items as much as possible. Avoid high fat foods and high sugar drinks and foods.

Start light exercise and plan to lose some weight. Eat smaller meals more often than larger meals twice or thrice. Sometimes there is a relationship between high blood pressure and diabetes, so you need to manage your blood pressure as well as the sodium intake. Increase your intake of fiber.

The positive lifestyle changes have much better affect as compared to medicines. Go for natural alternatives for diabetes management. A regular exercise program is very important for diabetes. If you’re not used to with exercise already, start small and go up from there. Start by walking or cycling on regular basis.

Stress also plays an important role in diabetes. You need to keep stress under control and manage it effectively. You can read our articles on stress management which will ultimately help you manage your diabetes as well. Managing such chronic diseases is a slow process and it takes time. So be patient, make positive life style changes. If you’re already on medication, do not stop the medication without your doctor’s advice.

The MAP evaluation process has a promise for diabetes sufferers. It can help identify imbalances and deficiencies in the body which are the cause of diabetes. Once The MAP process identifies the root cause of diabetes, you can correct the imbalance without medication. This is an alternative method of identifying underlying cause of diabetes and then suggesting the improvements to handle the imbalance and deficiencies properly.

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