How Exercise can Make and Keep You Healthy

Exercise helps make your body stronger and healthier by putting stress on each part of the body. If this stress is applied properly, exercise can do wonders for you. The main purpose of exercise is to grow and strengthen your body so that it is capable of handling stresses of daily life including the physical and psychological stresses, and aging process.

It can also help manage stresses of physical and mental labor we need to do to keep up with the fast paced life. Exercise if done properly can make you fit and healthy. In order to make sure you get full benefit of exercise and enjoy it completely, you need to understand how exercise affects your body.

Exercise makes your heart, lungs, and muscles work harder, and it speeds up your metabolism. However, occasional burst of exercise won’t do much good to your health, rather only a regular exercise can help you gain all the benefits. In order to gain benefits of exercise, it is not required that you do very tough exercises. You can get the same benefits by doing light but regular exercises. You need to build strength and stamina gradually.

You heart is a very important and strong part of your body. It can take a lot of stresses we put on it on daily basis. However, there is always a limit to everything. When we keep putting more and more pressure and stresses, both physical and psychological, on our heart, it gets affected by those stresses. However, a regular exercise can make your heart even stronger which helps manage the daily stress. Your heart gets bigger and stronger with exercise. Exercise also makes your heart more efficient. The good news is that, all these benefits can be obtained by light regular exercise and you do not need to be a body builder to gain these benefits of exercise.

Exercise can also help control and maintain normal blood pressure. When you exercise your blood pressure goes up; however, regular exercise helps keep the blood pressure at normal level on regular basis. Exercise helps reduce the risk of heart attack by keeping a check on your blood pressure. Again, moderate exercise is good enough for controlling blood pressure.

A regular exercise also helps make your lungs strong and more efficient. It makes your breathing deeper and faster. Exercise will help fill your lungs with oxygen. Exercise also helps make your muscles strong and healthy. Muscles need oxygen to perform all the tasks and remain healthy. They get this oxygen from your blood vessels. They also need energy, which they get from mitochondria. Regular exercise like walking or biking helps increase your muscles’ blood supply and energy. The result will be improved endurance.

On the other hand weight lifting exercises increase the bulk and strength of individual muscles. So if you just need to keep yourself fit and healthy and need energy to perform your daily activities properly and efficiently then a set of regular and light exercises like walking, biking, jogging etc. will be fine. No matter what type of exercise you do, you need to do the exercise the right way to avoid injuries.

Exercise can also help make your bones strong. You also need calcium and vitamin D to support strong bones. However, to get full benefits of exercise to make your bones strong, you need weight bearing and resistance exercises, which will be discussed in a separate article. Exercise also speeds up your metabolism. It helps you burn more calories and can increase your metabolism by four to six times. It helps control weight. Exercise can also lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and boost good cholesterol (HDL).

Exercise helps your nervous system and brain health as well. Your emotional state improves with the regular exercise. It can boost the production of pain reducing hormones (endorphins) and reduce the stress hormones. So, regular exercise can help you in every aspect of your mental and physical health. It can make your body, heart, lungs, muscles, nervous system, brain and other parts healthier, stronger and more efficient, which keeps you healthy, happy and energetic.

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