How to Boost Self Esteem and the Methods of Building Self Esteem

There are three main things which make up our attitude and outlook towards life and the world. These three things include behavior, thoughts, and feelings. These things are interrelated. These three form a chain of actions which happen in a series. When you do something you’re at the step of showing a behavior, when you think about something this is the step of thoughts, and when you feel something you’re at the step of feelings.

You might feel something and then think about it and ultimately behave accordingly. Or your behavior might indulge you into some sort of thoughts which can make you feel differently. For example, if you complete a task successfully (behavior), you think you’re good at this and you can do other tasks just like this as well (thoughts), this gives you feelings of confidence and helps in building self esteem. In short, the answer to the question ‘how to boost self esteem’ is merely interfering at any stage of these three steps: behavior, thoughts, and feelings.

We’re going to discuss a few techniques which if used well will help you in building self esteem. First of all, you need to learn to be patient. Nothing can happen instantly. Everything takes time. So does your efforts to grow and build self esteem. You cannot build your self esteem in a day or two. It will take time and you need to be patient and keep working on improving yourself every day.

You need to accept yourself, the world around you, and all the good and bad things that have happened to you. If you do not accept the things as they are, you’ll always be unsatisfied and you’ll never be able to gain the self esteem and self confidence. You need to see the world as it is; without any distortions and realizing the good and the bad as part of life.

Being compassionate is another important aspect of building self esteem. To build self esteem, you need to be compassionate about others and about yourself too. You need to be ready to help others in their sufferings. You should be ready to help and support others in the time of the need. This will help build your own self esteem and self confidence. You also need to be compassionate about yourself, by not criticizing yourself all the time. You should also be nonjudgmental with others and with yourself. Accept the world around you as it is without judging it with your own lenses.

Building self esteem is a long term process and not a one day task. Every day you learn something new or you do something that helps you build your confidence and self esteem. You need to be open to learning and new experiences. You need to explore things and see the things in different perspectives. You need to try new things and go to new places.

If you see the world too seriously or too critically, you’ll always have low self esteem, because you’ll always see negative in everything. To change this attitude, you need to add some humor in your life. Humor helps you see life in a lighter perspective. It also makes life’s challenges bearable. This lighter outlook of life will help build your self esteem and confidence too.

The two important points which are very important for building self esteem are commitment and generosity. Commitment to your growth plan, to building self esteem, and to your goals is very important to build your self esteem. And generosity is the way to give others. You need to be generous not only in monetary terms but also with your smile, with your help and support, and with anything you can help other people. A hand which gives is always better than a hand which takes. So be generous and build your confidence and self esteem.

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