Positive Thinking Helps You Get the Best Out of Life

Positive thinking helps you make your life positive, and a positive life makes you happy and healthy. However, the first step in positive thinking and making your life positive is to understand your thoughts and beliefs. The opposite of positive thinking is negative thinking. Positive people are happier, healthier, and more successful in their lives as compared to the people thinking negatively. Positive thinking improves all the areas of your life including your relationships, your work, your family life, your health, and every other area.

Positive thinking is in fact a way of seeing the world and yourself. Positive thinking is about your thoughts and actions based on those thoughts. It is a way of feeling good about yourself and others. Positive people do not let them or others down; rather they give themselves and others confidence to take on challenges of life. Positive people do not have regrets about their past, rather they learn from the past. They do not worry about the future, rather they prepare for it optimistically.

In order to think positively, you need to understand that the people, things, and situations are as good or bad as we think about it. Our response to everything makes things good or bad. It is quite possible that situation is not as bad as we think it is and then respond accordingly. However, if in the same situation, we think positively, things don’t look that bad. If you look at things around you negatively then it will create a negative energy around you and you’ll feel bad. However, if you start feeling optimistic, confidant and excited about everything then you’ll start feeling good and creating positive energy around you.

Positive thinking does not mean that you have to live in a world of lie where you ignore the real problems of life. Instead, you need to think those problems through and set some time aside to think and work on those problems. However, positive thinking means, you need to be optimistic in any situation. You do not have to be locked up into the bad feelings of a particular situation. You need to let go as soon as possible. Positive people think about their problems in detail, find solutions and answers, and then implement those solutions to solve the problems. However, they don’t let their problems hold them back.

It means that positive thinking helps you stay motivated all the time even in tough and rough situations. You remain optimistic in spite of all the difficulties and problems. Positive people understand that their approach to life depends upon three things: beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. Understanding and differentiating these three aspects is important in becoming positive in life.

Our beliefs are the deep rooted principles of life which we have adopted from a lifelong learning. For example, a positive belief, “I can complete the tasks I’m assigned” prompts the thought, “I can be successful”, which gives you positive feelings. When an external event triggers an emotion, there is a accompanying thought as well. If you can control your thought and filter the negativity from it, you’ll feel positive. Similarly, you need to change your negative beliefs. You need to replace your negative beliefs with the positive ones. As the beliefs are deep rooted ideas which become automatic in nature, it takes some time to replace those beliefs, but you can achieve this goal with time.

Becoming a positive thinker is not a quick-fix. It takes time to change the age old negative beliefs, and way you manage and treat your thoughts. However, with time you can become a positive person. The first step is to watch your thoughts. As soon as you find a negative thought intruding into your mind, either about past, present, or future, you need to interrupt that thought. And then replace that thought with a positive one. Also analyze the belief you hold behind that negative thought.

For example, if someone hurts you, you feel bad and you might think that this person hurt you on purpose. Now, if you analyze and think deeply about your thought and the belief behind it, you might come to the conclusion that you have a deep rooted belief that all the people try to hurt each other on purpose. Now, you need to give a new belief to yourself that not all people hurt others on purpose; instead most of the people are helpful, cooperative, and compassionate. If someone hurt you, it is his or her individual action. That is not a representation of the whole world. And you do not need to feel negative just because of the action of a single person. This kind of thought interruption and analysis can initiate a process of moving you towards becoming a positive person. This will in turn make you a happy and healthy human being.

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