Understanding Anger Issues, Anger Problems, Anger Disorders, and Relationship of Anger and Health

When you get angry on everyone and on everything the anger becomes toxic. You get angry with your wife or husband, with your kids, with your neighbors, with your colleagues, with your customers, with your doctor, with your suppliers, with your friends and everyone around. If this happens then you start seeing the effects of your anger on your health and you start realizing a relationship between anger and health. However, the first step towards an anger free life is to know if you have anger management issues.

Anger issues are basically divided into two categories – psychological anger problems, and physical anger problems. The psychological problems of anger include unhappiness, stress, anxiety, depression, and lack of fulfillment and contentment. Whereas, physical problems include high blood pressure, heart problems, sleep disorders, and many others. The list of these problems is long and anger really takes its toll on your body and health.

Anger has a very bad effect on your energy. It drains your energy and leaves you tired and week. When you get angry the whole system gets into “fight mode”. This mode requires a lot of energy to make sure you can keep yourself protected. However, the system does not realize that it is your own self created danger at which you’re angry at the moment. The system just does its work and drains the energy from the whole body to support you. If you keep going through these cycles of anger, the system keeps draining all the energy and at the end you just feel tired and without any energy and excitement.

Anger also affects your health in different other ways. When you’re angry, your system does not digest the food properly and it just sits there for longer hours. This destroys your digestive system. You might get many problems from this undigested food like constipation, ulcers, acid reflux, acidity, nausea etc. Anger also increases your blood pressure and constant increase in blood pressure causes cardiovascular problems. It might lead to heart attack. Anger might also cause strokes.

When you’re angry, you indulge in foods of different types, most of them are fatty foods, which can make you overweight and obese. There is another finding, although there is not a lot of research done in this area, but the initial results say that anger can also cause arthritis problems and many other problems associate with pain. One important and obvious factor is that when you’re angry it is quite possible that either you’ll either put your life or someone else’s life in danger. In order to remain healthy and live a healthy and happy life, you need to control and manage your anger. You can try this program on anger management to get external support and help to manage your anger.

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