Understanding Ideal Weight and Related Measurements

Obesity and overweight are weight ranges which are greater than the normal and healthy weight. However, both of these ranges are linked with different types of diseases and problems. In order to be health, you need to stay in the idea weight range. These are different factors which can help measure the ideal and healthy weight.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

Body Mass Index is a relationship between an individual’s weight and height. For most adults, BMI is a reliable measure of overweight and obesity. However, this is not the only factor to measure weight and obesity. There are other measures and indicators as well which we’ll discuss shortly. For general measurement of weight, BMI is commonly used indicator and works fine for different groups of people.

The simple way to check for BMI is to look for it in a BMI table. However, you can also calculate BMI using the following formula. You can find the formula and compare resulting values from the following Body Mass Index wiki page.

There are some other methods to measure fat as well which are related to assessing body composition and are discussed below:

Skin-Fold Thickness

The skin-fold thickness can be measured with the help of an instrument called caliper. It is used to measure thickness of the fat at one or more sites of the body. Although, this is commonly used method to assess body, but it is prone to errors. If the instrument is not accurate the results will be incorrect. The results can also be incorrect if the measurement is not taken correctly by the person measuring it.

Hydrodensitometry or Underwater Weighing

This method is based on the fact that fat tissues have less density than muscles and bones. In order to perform this test a special tank is used. The individual submerges with the water in the tank while exhaling all the air in his lungs. However, this method also had many problems.

The other methods used to measure obesity and weight includes bioelectrical impedance analysis and dual energy x-ray absorptionmetry. However, these are advanced techniques and can only be performed by specialized personals in laboratory environments.

However, one simple rule is to measure the belly fat. It is also known as beer belly. It is visible fat on the abdomen. This is the most dangerous fat because it is metabolically active. The belly fat produces hormones and chemicals that harm the internal body systems and cause many problems and diseases. The first step in controlling and managing obesity and overweight is to reduce and eliminate belly fat.

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