Understanding Yoga and Meditation and Relationship of Yoga and Healing

In our previous article we discussed how yoga boosts physical and mental health and well being. In this article, we’ll explore the concept a bit further and see how yoga and meditation are linked to each other and what the relationship between yoga and healing is. Yoga provides a lot of physical and psychological benefits if it is done regularly. We do not recommend strenuous poses of yoga for you, if you’re only going to start it. However, if you start with light yoga poses and do it regularly, you’ll soon start seeing benefit of yoga poses.

Meditation although a bit different from yoga, but when both of these are combined, you can get great health benefits both physically and spiritually. Meditation helps you focus inwards. It helps you see inside you and helps you slow down. In today’s world, everything is moving so fast including you and your body and mind processes. You always find yourself in rush. You always feel like you have missed something, even though you have been working the whole day completing your tasks and everything.

This is because you have put your mind and body into the top gear on a fast lane. You need to slow down the processes a bit and calm yourself down. This is where yoga and meditation play their role. Yoga stretches your body and muscles and relaxes your body. It also increases the flow of the blood throughout your body including your brain. Whereas meditation helps you bring peace to your mind. It helps you focus on single point of making yourself peaceful. You can focus on a single point and slow down your breathing and your mind.

Your mind keeps on working the whole day, even if you’re not actively doing any task. It keeps on working on something. If you do not have full control over your mind, it will start thinking negatively. It can make you worry about minor things. It can bring fears into your mind. It can bring thoughts of anxiety. If you learn to focus your mind with meditation, you can control your mind. You can empty your mind and keep it calm and peaceful. Just assume that you’re in a factory where all the machines are continuously working with different irritating sounds. Now, if you spend a whole day in that factory without proper tools to protect your sound etc. then what would be your condition at the end of the day? What if that factory stops and all the machines stop making noises? How will you feel? You’ll feel calm and great peace.

This is exactly what meditation and yoga do to your brain. They help you make your mind peaceful and stop any external noise to come to your mind. This in turn helps you feel happy and healthy.

One thought on “Understanding Yoga and Meditation and Relationship of Yoga and Healing

  1. George

    Very nicely written article. I tend to think of yoga itself as meditation in motion, as the focus on breathing and moment along with body reactions also brings us into an awareness of our selves and the focus is very much internal.

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