What are the Components of Physical Fitness?

Physical fitness not only helps you keep yourself in shape, but also supports you in the times of stress. The stresses of life drain you all of the energy you have; however, if you have physical fitness, you’ll be better able to endure those stresses. In order to gain full benefit from your fitness, you need to understand the different components of physical fitness. If you create a balance between all of these components, only then you’ll be able to keep yourself healthy and capable of handling stress and anxiety.

There are basically 5 components of physical fitness where are discussed below:

  1. Cardio-respiratory component: Our heart is responsible to deliver blood throughout our body. With this blood it also delivers oxygen and all the nutrients which are required by the body to keep it fit, energetic and in working form. This process also eliminates the toxins and wastes from the body. For this purpose, you need to include the exercises in your fitness plan which can make your cardio-respiratory system strong and fit.
  2. Muscular strength component: The muscles in the body are responsible to perform a variety of operations. They help us lift weight and they also help support our whole body. If muscles are not strong enough our bodies would not be able to bear even our weight. And we won’t be able to lift weight of other things. For that matter, you need to include muscular strength building component in your fitness plan.
  3. Muscular endurance component: The strength of the muscles is not the only thing which matters. When we have to perform repeated tasks day in and day out using certain muscles, these repeated movements can tear the muscles. In order to make our muscles capable of enduring in the times of these repeated movements, we need to include such exercises which can help us build this endurance. This component should be part of the exercise plan.
  4. Flexibility component: Our joints are designed in such a way that they help us move. They have a certain range in which they can move. We cannot go beyond that range of movement. However, if we do not move our joints up to that range in our daily lives, those joints lose that flexibility and limit their movement to a shorter range only. When this happens, we lose all the flexibility of the joints gradually and it limits our movement as well as we grow. In order to make sure, you have enough flexibility to keep you moving properly throughout your life, you need to include flexibility component related exercises as well.
  5. Body composition component: The human body is designed is such a way that with a certain height, we can have a certain weight. This formula is normally called BMI (body mass index). If the weight goes beyond that limit, it can cause physical problems and illnesses. Also, if you have extra fat on your body, especially the body fat, then you are at risk of different diseases. In order to keep yourself fit, you need to make sure you include exercise in your fitness program which can help you reduce weight and fat up to the normal range.

A balanced exercise program is the key to success in physical fitness, health and wellbeing. In order to achieve your goal of health and fitness, you need to create a mix of all the components of physical fitness in your plan. This will give you overall health and happiness and will help reduce your level of stress and anxiety as well.

2 thoughts on “What are the Components of Physical Fitness?

  1. Frank

    It is triggered by the sincerness communicated in the
    article I read. And after this article What are the Components of Physical Fitness I was actually excited enough to drop everything and start a physical fitness program at the gym near me.
    I do have a couple of questions for you if you do not
    mind. Should we do exercise regularly? Like 7 days a week or less? And should we do tough exercises to keep ourself fit?

    1. John

      You do not necessarily have to do exercise the whole week. I think, 3 to 4 days for 30 minutes exercise is good enough to keep you fit. It is not required that exercise should be very tough. You can do light exercise like walking or jogging etc. Just give it a start :)

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