What is an Addiction? The Recovery from Addiction for Mental Health

To better understand addiction or damage to brain by addiction, we need to understand what is an addiction? Basically, people who are addicted to something – alcohol, substance, or something else – have a fundamental belief about that thing which is incorrect. These beliefs or ideas are irrational and distorted. They are so deep rooted that the addict, do not even realize them and they’re more ingrained into the brain due to the physical damage done to the brain by the addiction or due to his lifelong experiences.

Everyone addicted to some habit or some substance believes that he needs it or deserves it. This belief is so deep rooted because of all the rewiring of the brain due to the long term use of the substance or addicted behavior. At this point, this not only becomes a psychological illness, but also a physical illness as well. When you start improving, you start to see things clearly and understand that your thinking and beliefs were wrong. The addict just keeps waiting for his last shot or act of his addiction. He believes that after this last act, he’ll be free from addiction which never happens.

This addiction pattern and behavior has taken quite long to rewrite your brain and in order to change this behavior, you’ll have to take some time. You’ll have to gradually change your way of thinking but you’ll be successful in your addiction recovery efforts. This will not happen at once; rather it will take some time and happen gradually. You’ll have to replace your addictive thoughts and behaviors with positive thoughts and behaviors. For example, if you act out your addiction in some particular environment, you need to change things when you feel an urge for your old behavior. You’ll have to replace your older negative thinking pattern with newer positive one.

You need to understand that you’re in complete control of your thoughts. You also need to know, although a negative or addictive thought might come to your mind, but it’s you who has control over it and you can replace it with positive one. The addiction blocks your normal emotions and when you get into an addictive pattern, you can’t see your true emotions; you can only see what addiction wants you to see. So you see through a mirror of addiction which is not quite clear. When you do not see your real emotions, rather you see the fake emotions presented by your addiction, you find yourself bound to act out.

The addiction takes control over your brain. It does so by physically damaging and rewiring your brain. If you do not stop your addictive behavior, the addiction will continue making more damage to your brain. It will make you physically and psychologically ill. The thoughts like “I have to do this”, “this is only way out for me right now”, and “I’m angry and I can only calm down by acting out”.

To get rid of any addiction, you need to realize and believe that you have complete control over yourself. You have control over your thoughts, emotions, and actions. You can replace your thoughts and you can change your behavior. You can rewrite your brain and you can adopt new healthy and positive attitudes. This will take time but you’ll be able to have complete control

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