What is Human Memory and Why it is Important

Memory is a capability of the brain to remember and retain information, facts, situations, people, and everything which is required for life to function properly. Understanding human memory is important for everyone as it helps you learn the techniques to improve your memory as well. We only realize the importance of memory when it starts to fail and a human starts forgetting things.

Human brain retains all the memories from childhood to the old age. These memories are unique and irreplaceable. Our memories not only help us retain things from the past, but we also relate things from the future with our existing memories. We can plan our lives based upon our past memories, as they’re saved as our experiences. We learn from experiences and then utilize them to make better plans for future.

Your whole life depends upon your memories. These are the memories which make up a human unique. You are what you are now because of what you learned or experienced in the past. A writer is nothing without his memory. He writes about his experiences from what he can recall from his memory. If there is no memory, a writer cannot write anything. The same is true for everyone. If you cannot remember and memorize that how you eat, you’ll have to learn how to eat before every meal and your life will become miserable.

These are just two simple examples to show you how important memory is in a human’s life.  Everyone’s memory is different and unique because everyone’s experiences are different. Everyone sees life and things differently. That’s why every human is unique in nature and that all depends upon his memory. Humans start memorizing things from the early childhood and this process goes on the whole life. Everyday we learn something new and we store this information in our brain in the form of memory. You need to understand that chronic stress can destroy your memory.

In order to make sure you do more and better things even in old age, you need to keep yourself mentally active. You can train your memory to perform at a better speed. It can also process information more efficiently if you know the techniques to make it work efficiently.

One important factor which has a very bad affect on memory is stress. It can fail your memory or it can affect your concentration. You can also increase your IQ level, if you know how to improve your memory. Without memory there is no life; if there will be life, it will be too miserable. We can also understand from the above discussion that the quality of life also depends upon the quality of our memory.

If we have good, healthy, sharp, and efficient memory, our quality of life will be much better. On the other hand, poor memory causes a poor quality of life. In order to remain healthy and active throughout our lives, we need to make sure that our memory is working efficiently. Please check our our other articles on brain health and memory to understand how memory works and what you can do to improve it.

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