What is the role of positive psychology in improving the human mind and behavior?

As I understand it after doing some research is as shared below, but I would like to know what you think about it.

Positive Psychology promotes positivity and positive thinking in human. In today’s fast paced world, it has become so evident that the use of positivity can play an important role in reducing the stresses of daily life. The research shows that emotional well being and positive thinking makes life more meaningful and worth living. All the happiness, joy, and life flow depends upon our thinking; if we think negatively, we’ll not feel happy, whereas thinking positively will make our life more joyful and happy.

Positivity not only helps us in our day to day life, but it also helps in our personal, professional, financial, and social growth and satisfaction. Not only our experiences and actions contribute towards our well being, but also the way we think about our experience plays a major role in making our life fulfilled and satisfied. Positive thinking also helps improve our relationships with our family members, friends, colleagues and people around us.

Do share your thoughts about this topic.

16 thoughts on “What is the role of positive psychology in improving the human mind and behavior?

  1. Josh

    You’re right in your thoughts. But as I see it there are two ways in which we can treat life. First, we can fix a problem when it has happened and fix the damage when it is already done. And second, we take proactive measures to avoid such future problems. The second approach is the one the positive psychology is based on. For example, asking questions like what makes people happier, what makes the employees more productive, what makes the families flourish etc. When we find answers to such questions beforehand and work on those positive traits proactively, we bring a positive change not only in an individual but also in the society as a whole.

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  2. Shawn

    This is egg or chicken first type situation :) I mean, whether you first have to be positive and then feel good or you first should feel good and then be positive?

    Well, as I see it, it takes a lot of courage to be positive amidst all the mess and stress around. But eventually, it pays off. If we keep thinking in a positive way, ultimately it becomes our second nature and then it does not take a lot of courage and you naturally feel the positivity in yourself.

  3. Sami

    It’s mainly controlling our mind and brain in such a way that we filter the thoughts and feelings which come to the mind. We only take in what is good and healthy and filter out all the junk. It should be similar to how we think about our food; we try to avoid junk and prefer healthy foods instead. Similarly, we should also select healthy food for thought! We think positive, we become positive.


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  4. Johnson

    Positive psychology is mainly related to our emotions like love, care, relaxation, contentment, happiness, good feelings about oneself and about others, courage to move forward and to do better. Make good changes in yourself and the world around you. Helping others and supporting others.

  5. Daniel

    Positive psychology can see both at individual and group level. At an individual level it is related to the courage, persistence, honesty, and other positive attitudes and behaviors, while at group or society level the positive psychology can impact the family matters, institutional cultures, team work, and community.

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