What is Workplace Stress and What Causes Workplace Stress?

Stress is present everywhere – at home, in market, on the road, everywhere. The same is true about the workplace. Like every other part of life, stress is also part of the office or work environment. You cannot completely remove this stress because some stress is important to keep you moving forward in your career which is helpful both for you and for your employer. However, chronic stress whether work related or not can cause different problems. That’s why it is important to understand workplace stress and do something about it.

So what is workplace stress? This is the stress that you face while working in your office. This can be related to your work, your tasks, your boss, work environment, your work schedule, and many other things. This workplace stress can make you sick physically or psychologically. It can reduce your efficiency at work. It can hinder the progress in your career. It can cause many other problems at work which are not good for you and for your employer. These workplace stressors might be caused by the employer or the company itself. So it is important you understand what is causing this stress.

When trying to understand what causes workplace stress, the main reason we find is the overwork. The employees are forced to work for longer hours instead of the standard working hours. These longer and extended working hours can make the person stressed. There is only a certain limit to the productivity of a person. You need rest as well. If you’re forced to work for longer hours, beyond your limits, for longer period of time, the stress will start to take hold on you. It does not matter whether these longer hours are self imposed by you or by your boss or employer. The result will be same.

The second cause of stress is the working hours or timing of the work. If you work for regular morning to evening hours, you’ll feel better and less stressed. However, if your working hours are odd then this will cause stress. And if these odd working hours continue for longer period of time then the stress will become chronic and will cause many different problems.

Sometimes the stress is caused by the bosses. Your boss is such an idiot that he makes you feel stressed at the end of the day. Although, he knows he’ll gain nothing by putting unnecessary and extra pressure on you, but still he continues his unhealthy behavior. He gets mad at small things. He always makes you feel inferior. He takes credit for all of your work. He puts all the blames on you. If you have such a boss then you’ll definitely be stressed.

The workplace politics can also cause stress. When everyone around you is involved in some kind of politics and leg pulling instead of putting efforts into their work then you’ll be stressed. If everyone wants to take credit for other’s work, and you’re the one whose work it is, then stress is what you’ll get in return. Another factor is lack of recognition. When other people take credit for your work, you do not get the required recognition, which makes you stressed.

Improper task assignment from the managers and bosses also cause stress. The other factors which cause workplace stress include threats from managers or bosses, layoffs, no rewards, tedious tasks, and poor relationships with your colleagues.

All these factors cause stress which takes its toll on you. It does not matter what kind of stress it is or from whom you get the stress, the ultimate effect it has on you is same. It will ruin your life and rob you off of all the goodness and happiness. The point in understanding the causes of workplace stress is to do something about it. The earlier you take action on it the better it will be. You can go through our other articles on stress to make sure you have appropriate tools to manage your workplace stress.

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