Why Weight Loss is Important for Long Term Health Benefits

Obesity, fat, and more weight has become a major cause of many diseases like diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure, cancer and many others. Obesity is a major concern is developed countries and spreading like epidemics throughout developed and developing countries. Just in United States, more than 60 percent adults are overweight or obese. The rate of obesity is increasing among men, women and children alike all over the world.

This rapid increase in obesity is a major concern among health care organizations and societies. This is because obesity and overweight cause not only a lot of diseases, but also premature death.  The list of the problems caused by obesity is long which includes the following: heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, stroke, gallbladder issues, osteoarthritis, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, and overall poor health.

The extra fat in our bodies accumulates on artery walls and narrows those arteries, which reduces blood to the heart. This causes the plaque to build up along the walls. If this plaque patches break and shut off or reduce blood supply, the oxygen supply to the heart or brain is reduced and a heart attack or stroke can occur.

Cancer is another disease caused by obesity and extra fat. The fat cells produce hormones which cause cancer. The different types of cancer which can be caused by obesity include breast, endometrial, prostate, and colon cancers.  This is caused by the random mutation of the cells in the body, which causes cancerous growth of the cells.

In diabetes body does not either produce insulin or cannot use it properly. Insulin helps body convert sugars, starches, and other foods to energy. The cells become less sensitive to insulin. The body needs more insulin to remove sugar from the blood. The diabetes which is associated with obesity is type 2 diabetes. Diabetes can later cause many other problems including vision loss, kidney disease, or loss of limbs etc. The risk of type 2 diabetes can be reduced by weight loss.

The other diseases associated with obesity, fat, and overweight are dementia, Alzheimer’s, and sleep apnea. Dementia and Alzheimer’s cause mental impairment; while sleep apnea can disrupt breathing during sleep, which can cause premature death as well.

Obesity is related to increased mortality and impaired quality of life, and this is true for all adult age groups, racial and ethnic groups. Obesity also affects metal health causing psychological and physiological problems. Obesity can also cause depression either by physical changes in the hormones and other factor, but also due to body dissatisfaction due to extra fat. Anxiety is another effect of obesity and overweight.

The conclusion of all these details is that obesity and overweight is a major concern for health issues. It can impair quality of life with different types of diseases and problems. It can make life miserable if not controlled on time and in proper way. In our other articles, we have explored what is an ideal weight and how to lose weight for a health life.

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